Wouldn't need me for simple.
Dr. Mordin Solus. Salarian scientist, genius. Came to me. Wouldn't need me for simple.

What is it?

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[To: Pagoris Maleel]

[Cc: Annise Muir; Atili’Nanna; Dimmel Sodo; Faust; Ganto Imness; Gawmer Dallanda; Kona Massri; Shae O’Reilly] [UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENTS]

[From: Mordin Solus]


To whom it may concern,

Regret to inform you that Sirrit Maleel has been admitted to Huerta Memorial last night as result of assault. Currently unconscious, but in stabilized condition. Able to receive visitors, but will not be in awakened state for near future.

If requiring more information, please refer to hospital, or contact myself.

—M. Solus, M.D.


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    It was the middle of the day for Atili, it was her off day. One that she had once a week, all to herself. No work, no...
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    [[Shrieking and rolling in feels ;A;]]
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    Dimmel was quite sure the message was incorrect. Dimmel Sodo, and that was the extranet address he vaguely remembered...
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    Ganto is out in the hospital gardens, taking a walk around and trying not to notice the crush of others around him, even...
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    [ Kirrahe-canon isnt post nightmare until the thread is done, but I’m posting this anyway because feelings. ]
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